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Next Generation Caching Solutions

Our Web and Video next generation Caching Solution is developed using unique methods and practices to adopt to the new traffic and user behaviour. Our web and video caching solutions are based on a sophisticated algorithms and dynamic caching policies that adopt to the new traffic behaviour for content caching and content distribution technologies to deliver superior, carrier-grade, bandwidth saving  and  reliable performance.


Our next generation Web & Video caching covers  all market segment from SMBs to SPs . This solution will provide between 30-60% of bandwidth saving which will enhance substantially our customer QoS and Customer experience and  competitive technical and commercial solution.

Our new generation of caching solution is able to achieve excellent cache efficiency across all Internet traffic. Combined with high throughput per rack unit and per kilowatt these solutions are able to deliver high bandwidth savings whilst minimizing OPEX.

Our high-performance media cache appliance is designed from ground up to addresses emerging web traffic trends rather than force fitting an existing product to meet new requirements. It comes with built-in content filtering which can eliminate many of these problems and yet satisfy customers’ preferences, providing parental controls and complying with various social and corporate requirements.

NexNet Solutions offers best in class, carrier-grade next generation Caching Solution. With many years of extensive experience and proven track records in pre/post-sales support for deploying network with various customer groups in Middle East and Asia, we can help save bandwidth, improve and enhance customer’s broadband experience.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximize Cache Efficiency and Bandwidth Saving
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Cluster Configuration & Reporting
  • Surge Protection
  • Asymmetric Routing Support
  • Control bandwidth consumption by reducing backhaul traffic consumption
  • Improves Subscribers QoE by reducing latency
  • Provides bandwidth control to avoid network congestion
  • Provides protection to Origin Content Server by not exposing the source to subscribers
  • Impel subscriber growth without massive investment
  • Improving network efficiency for application delivery without oversubscription
  • Assures service availability through High availability
  • Best-of-breed carrier-grade Integrated Caching Solution
  • Able to meet challenging and demanding market dynamics