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WiFi Data Offload

NexNet Solutions provides independent and unbiased end-to-end WiFi Data Offload Solutions to answer to the aggressive and ever-growing access control, service delivery, and accounting requirements of carriers, service providers, and wireless operators.




Wireless Service Providers are “offloading” data traffic to Wi-Fi hot spots from their existing 3G and LTE networks to help meet customers’ surging demand for more data bandwidth and improve customer experience. Beyond Wi-Fi, the carriers are investing in “Pico cell” networks, which are over-the-air wireless networks of small cellular base stations that are ideal for large corporate campuses or a downtown.

With Smartphone and PDAs lovers clamoring to get on their networks, wireless carriers are building new off-ramps. Major carriers are investing in ways to offload customers’ data traffic from their airwaves into cheaper and more localized networks, such as Wi-Fi hot spots and small cellular base stations, which are designed for compact, heavy traffic areas such as stadiums and city centers.

NexNet Solutions is one of the few companies worldwide that is able to provide end-to-end Carrier Grade Wifi offload solution. NexNet Solutions is providing unbiased best of breed complete Wi-Fi Data Offload solution addressing clients’ various technical, operational and business needs through its experienced team and high-performing telecommunications and business professionals. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Cost Effectiveness Wi-Fi leverages un-regulated bandwidth and ensures stronger connectivity; many mass market hardware solutions too are available for setting up Wi-Fi access
  • Wide Availability Wi-Fi hotspots are on the rise and Wi-Fi access is being made available in many public as well as business locations. Also academic institutions and other establishments are facilitating Wi-Fi access.
  • Widely Used – All smart devices, and PDA’s already supporting Wi-Fi access and 80% of the subscribers wireless data traffic  using Wi-Fi networks whenever available
  • Value Added Services – can use their existing Wi-Fi and hot spots deployments for extending reach to Hospitality Segment, Malls, Health Care, Public Areas
  • Customer Retention – Operators can offer mobile data offload to their existing subscribers and over bundle packages for their service and improve customer experience / retention