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Next Generation Caching

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 by

NexNet Solutions’ Next Generation Caching: Efficiency and Reliability of Data Delivery over the Internet   A key performance measure for the World Wide Web is the speed with which content is served to users. As traffic increases, users are faced with increasing delays and failures in data delivery. Because the exponential growth of web traffic shows

The Rising trend of 2G/3G mobile data traffic and its escalating growth at 10.8 Exabyte per month by 2016 (an 18 fold increase over 2011) has kept people thinking, how to cater to the growing demand of ubiquitous connectivity and enhanced customer experience in terms of rich digital content and applications. In order to mitigate

Wi-fi networks are expected to handle the majority of mobile data traffic by 2017, according to a report by Juniper on mobile data offload. Data traffic generated by mobile handsets and tablets will reach 90,000 petabytes by 2017. This is equivalent to about 42 quadrillion tweets or seven billion Blu-ray movies. Although unfathomable amounts of