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Next Generation Caching

by / Tuesday, 16 July 2013 / Published in WiFi

NexNet Solutions’ Next Generation Caching: Efficiency and Reliability of Data Delivery over the Internet


A key performance measure for the World Wide Web is the speed with which content is served to users. As traffic increases, users are faced with increasing delays and failures in data delivery. Because the exponential growth of web traffic shows no signs of slowing down, todays operators are challenged to maintain an agile and robust infrastructure for their subscribers.


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Next-Gen Caching Solution is a temporary local storage of online content which:


  • Helps to relieve bandwidth strains on the network by moving most delivery traffic off the backbone and to the edge of the network, closer to end users. This will result in reduced amount of bandwidth consumption and improves performance to the subscribers.


  • Helps in infrastructure savings by reducing the need to invest for infrastructure upgrades to cope with the rise in traffic.


  •  High-quality web/video is always delivered in the original content provider’s fidelity, without pesky disruptions, lengthy download times, and control response delays thus ensuring users quality experiences.


  • Helps reduce network congestion by decreasing traffic volume this improves network conditions dramatically even during peak consumption periods.


NexNet Solutions’ Next-generation caching solutions are designed to feature a unified, autonomous approach to caching that is scalable, cost-effective, and simple to deploy and manage in the most demanding network environments. Contact us on +971 4 427 8665 or email us today.