Planning and Project Management

NexNet Solutions understands the need to plan early and make sure that everything are delivered on time and on schedule, resources are allocated appropriately, and processes and standards are followed accordingly to be able achieve all the sustainable goals and objectives of the customer.

NexNet Solutions team of professionals will ensure that project is progressing as planned. We have project managers with proven track records who understand these concepts and apply them based on best of practices and industry standards. Meeting customer’s expectations for schedule, scope, quality and cost with customer satisfaction are the keys to the success of any project.

  • Project Master Planning & Programming

  • Project Supervision and Monitoring

  • Communication and Escalation Protocols

  • Project Team Organization Development

  • Scope of Work and Responsibility Matrix

  • High Level and Detailed Project Scheduling

  • Contracts and Risk Management

  • Tender Management and Evaluation

  • Order Management and Logistics

  • Project Documentation and Deliverables

  • Project Management

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