AI WiFi Solution

When was the last time you’ve actively disengaged from the internet? When was the last time you sent a message through an actual mailbox? Or went through shelves upon shelves at the library to research something you could easily grab in 3 seconds from your trusty search engine while waiting at the train station? 

WiFi is a necessity. Our generation today relies heavily on the services WiFi is capable of offering. From our smart devices to the very city we live in, WiFi has exponentially driven the course of our daily lives for the better. Its indispensable, therefore, the demands require it to be reliable, resilient, and consistent. 

NexNet Solution’s AI WiFi is more than capable of automizing your orthodox WiFi Solution into a smarter, more reliable, and maintenance-free service. Our AI WiFi solution helps Service Providers automatically identify and reduce low-speed terminal access times to ensure high-speed network operation, is capable of self-optimization without manual intervention, and automatically maintains the best configuration to provide seamless QoE. 

With our AI WiFi Solution, SPs can maintain high concurrencies and provide strong coverage to up to 20,000 ㎡ for Outdoor mobile phone connections, 500㎡ for Indoor coverage, reduce network construction costs by 50%, and Improve WiFi network reliability more than traditional WiFi solutions. 

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AI WiFi Features and Benefits:

  • Automatically optimize application priority

  • Network self-optimization capabilities

  • Automatic detection of adjacent AP signals without human intervention

  • Simplifying network complexity by utilizing cloud AC architecture

  • An optimal configuration that automatically maintains channel, power, and load

  • Extreme AI load performance

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