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NexNet Solutions is a unique company that leverages on the unseen potential available across all economic sectors. Therefore NexNet, its partners, and team of professionals aim to provide and are capable of providing the best-of-breed solutions to not only cater service providers for them to meet their customer demands but to excel technology and revolutionize human kind as we know it. 

From Pet Trackers to Online Payments to Self Driving cars, IoT has drastically changed the way we interact with our environment and technology. IoT bridges even the smallest of gaps, offering convenience, progress, and increasing time-to-productivity to myriads of industries.

IoT gives us the opportunity to be more efficient, to help companies and government entities  rethink how to provide more services, and to rapidly evolve humanity in a way that has never been seen or experienced before. NexNet’s IoT Solutions improves economic diversification and delivers exactly what the Internet of Things aims to provide: To improve quality of life. 

Smart Transport
Manage transportation systems to enhance efficiency and safety in a cost effective, environmentally friendly rapid automation.
Smart Logistics
Cut import cost, increase performance, and save energy by promoting the innovation of modern supply chain
Smart Environment
Reduce water and energy consumptions while simultaneously increasing sustainable and secure food sources.
Smart Healthcare
Increase access to quality healthcare, reduce risk of chronic diseases, and improve timely access to medical attention.
  • NexNet’s Chronic Disease Monitoring solution is a digital solution that utilizes wearables and tracking technologies to monitor the health indicators related to glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol. With this solution, the access to viable and reliable medical attention has significantly improved by making sure intervention and response rate is communicated regardless of the patient’s conditions, whether they be the elderly or disabled.
    This solution is able to provide a wide berth of opportunities that ultimately supports the physical and cognitive well being of patients, assists their rehabilitation, and reduces hospitalization rates considerably.
  • NexNet Solutions’ Symptom Checker is an online tool based on algorithms and AI. It’s used to help people understand their health issues, determine their need for medical attention, and navigate them to appropriate sites of care. Most people aren’t sure nor do they have the means to affordably check the status of their health and decide the next step. This process could be very lengthy, taxing, and not to mention costly for individuals.
    With NexNet’s Symptoms Check Solution, users and healthcare providers would have the opportunity to minimize the amount of effort and uncertainty that comes with finding the right medical provider that fits their situation.
  • The Digital Auction Marketplace use case consists of developing an auctioning automation system that facilitates purchasing of unclaimed port merchandise through an online portal and a mobile application covering the entire auctioning process. NexNet’s Digital Auction Marketplace is able to minimize the cost of warehousing and wastage of unclaimed items that are kept in storage while simultaneously reducing the amount of disposal that Port Authorities have to deal with. Processing and Warehousing of merchandise is costly and the effort that goes into the current auctioning procedures is very limited. With NexNet’s Digital Auction Market Place, management, mitigation, and revenue generation would be seamless.
  • NexNet’s Smart EV Charging Platform use case provides a mobile app platform that allows users to locate and navigate to EV charging stations, view station capabilities and occupancy, view tariffs, pay for charging sessions, and review localEV charging stations. NexNet’s Smart EV Charging platform supports decision making with AI and analytics, strengthens the adoption of electric vehicles, reduces CO emissions, and gas consumptions while simultaneously practicing sustainable habits by efficiently utilizing energy.
  • NexNet’s Smoking Cessation Solution is a digital therapeutics and device aided solution that supports smokers to successfully complete their journey of quitting smoking. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Lung cancer continues to be one of the most common cancers, approximately 11.4% of the cancer cases worldwide. This solution aims to provide the assistance smokers need in order for them to prioritize their health as well as the people around them and give them a holistic option that is strong enough to outweigh the urge to light up.

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