Acoustic Design Solutions

NexNet Solutions’  team of consultants and subject matter experts provide acoustical designs and consulting services to architects, engineers, facility managers and building owners for acoustically demanding spaces.

Considering acoustics in the design of any structure is important to the functional requirements of any building or type of environment, whether an office, classroom, conference hall, worship space, auditorium, or in any part of a building.

Some environments can become dangerously loud and unsafe for the building occupants. In order to effectively address these sometimes neglected issues, acoustics design should be considered.

NexNet Solutions specializes in acoustics design and consultancy services. We design and engineer spaces to control sound and reduce noise and vibration for both new and existing facilities adding value to the building and providing unparalleled experience to the building occupants.

NexNet Solutions’ provides critical design of sound reinforcement systems for auditoriums, corporate venues, learning institutions, conference halls and other facilities and complies with the requirements of ANSI, ASHRAE and ESTIDAMA design standards.

NexNet Solutions’ provides the following acoustical design services:
  • Acoustic Design, Analysis, Planning and Consultation for new and retrofitted buildings.

  • Design and solutions for existing buildings with acoustical problems.

  • Conduct review of existing architectural designs, research applicable noise regulations, and site evaluations.

  • Sophisticated acoustical modelling techniques and measures to deliver optimal acoustic solutions.

  • Review of architectural designs and engineering plans and provide solutions maximizing space design, materials and mechanical systems selection.

  • Engineering of building acoustics by providing solutions that mitigates noise and vibration thus optimizing desirable acoustics.

  • Measurement and Analysis on the Impacts of exterior noise and vibration to building interiors.

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