IoT and M2M Platform

NexNet Solution’s IoT and M2M Platform is a scalable, well-defined M2M platform that allows operators to manage automated data transmissions and the accompanying market challenges efficiently so that they may focus on their business. Providing quality service through convenient, centralized, and manageable automation gives Service Providers the opportunity to reduce their expenditures, offer optimized amenities to their end-users, and build trust and loyalty to both their partners and customers. With our IoT Platform, offering flexible, expandable, and secure solutions to fit specific customer needs has never been this easy. 


Our IoT and M2M Platform are integrated to be compatible with various standards and protocols, be able to gather real-time data from various Smart IoT devices, facilitate device bootstrapping, client registration, object/resource access, and device reporting, all the while assuring end-to-end security. Our IoT M2M platform empowers Service Providers to be more than just conduits of connectivity by helping them realize and embrace the opportunities IoT and M2M can offer in the supply chain. 

IoT and M2M Platform Benefits:

  • Support RESTful API’s across CRM, Billing, Rating, ERP, PLM and SCM

  • Can define business rules for various sensor data

  • Identify security threats

  • Diverse and configurable applications

  • Connectivity monitoring

  • Reduce technology fragmentation and decrease potential interoperability errors

IoT and M2M Platform Use Cases:

  • - Facemask Detection
    - Biometrics
    - Remote operations
    - Monitoring devices and symptom detector
    - Digital therapeutics
  • - Alarms Management
    - Emergency services
    - Security (Smart Home, Industrial Security, Automotive, etc)

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