LEED & Estidama Design

NexNet Solutions consultancy services focuses on strategies that produce the best life-cycle cost impact with improved performance.

NexNet Solutions adapts LEED and Estidama Design Guidelines and Standards to deliver and achieve optimum green building efficiency with primary concerns on performance, energy conservation and efficient utilization, and building life cycle cost savings.

NexNet Solutions helps building owners, facility managers and developers to achieve their LEED or Estidama Design Objectives, along with an integrated design approach, resulting to a multi-functional, comfortable and energy efficient buildings.

NexNet Solutions LEED and Estidama Consultancy Services:
  • LEED and Estidama Design and Engineering Consultancy

  • Green Building and Estidama Training

  • Pearls Design Rating Administration

  • Estidama Master Planning

  • Estidama Project Administration

  • Building Life Cycle Analysis

  • Financial Analysis and Capital Planning

  • Estidama Buidling Specifications Preparation

  • Facility Management Estidama Assessments

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