Smart Sustainable Buildings

NexNet Solutions provides consulting services for buildings leading to green and smart sustainable cities for various project types.

We adapt and implement LEED and ESTIDAMA guidelines and standards to deliver and achieve optimum green and smart buildings efficiency with primary concerns on performance and building life cycle cost savings.

We help projects achieve key sustainability objectives and goals on conventional budgets, with an integrated design approach resulting to a multi-functional, productive, comfortable and energy efficient buildings. We undertake environmental master planning methods for sustainable community developments.

Our professional services currently utilize the following building automation systems (BAS) expertise:

Telecommunication Systems
Voice Network
Data Network
Video Network
Audio Visual Systems
Video Distribution
VoIP Telephony Applications
Wireless Network
Life Safety & Security Systems
Access Control
Biometric Systems
Intrusion Detection
Video Surveillance
Emergency Telephone Call System
Parking Security
Building Automation Systems
Energy Metering & Management
Lighting Controls
HVAC Controls
Power Management
Control and Data Networks
Control Network Protocols
LAN and WAN Network Protocols
Hardware Considerations
Enterprise Facility Systems Control and Monitoring
Enterprise Energy & Building System Databases
Building Technology Systems
Control Networks
Data Networks
Voice Networks
Audio Visual Systems
Video Distribution Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Video Surveillance Systems
HVAC Systems
Infrastructure for Building Systems
Cabling and Wireless Systems
Equipment Rooms
Broadband and Voice Data Services
Structured Cabling Systems
System Reliability & Redundancy
NexNet Solutions consultancy services revolve around the following main domains:
  • Smart and Green Buildings Consultancy

  • Sustainable Communities Master Planning

  • Building Life Cycle Analysis

  • Green Design and Engineering Consultancy

  • Contract Administration

  • Financial Analysis and Capital Planning

  • Building Specifications Preparation

  • Building Automation Systems Analysis

  • Facility Management Systems Assessments

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