Smart Sustainable Homes

NexNet Solutions’ team of experts in smart sustainable homes solution transforms any ordinary home into a fully automated environment that is reliable, scalable, cost-effective, sustainable, energy efficient and user friendly, enabling home to be ready for future technologies.

Our experts can turn a home into a digital haven with an easy to use home network system that is fully customizable and seamlessly adjusts itself to provide client needs.

NexNet Solutions integrates conventional home systems into an smart yet sustainable environment focusing on health, safety and security, energy and water savings, and above all, comfort to the home owner.

Features and Benefits:
  • Home Security and AccessSmart Home Theatre and Entertainment System
    -CCTV, Video Surveillance, Biometric/Card Access
    -Motion Detectors

  • Energy Monitoring

  • Smart Lighting System

  • Fire Suppression and Leakage Detection System

  • Voice Network (IP Phones and Intercoms)

  • PC and Internet Networks

  • Parking/ Garage Automation (Driveway Sensors)

  • Voice Activated Control Systems

  • Smart Thermostats (HVAC Control Systems)

  • Motorized Window Blinds and Curtains

  • Smart Water Supply and Irrigation Systems

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