Smart Sustainable Hotels

NexNet Solutions team of hospitality experts understand that luxury has become the new standard to attract a new breed of consumer who can search, compare prices, check reviews, and book online—anytime, anywhere. Our solution transforms any hotel into a fully automated environment that is reliable, scalable, cost-effective, sustainable, energy efficient and user friendly, enabling to be ready for future technologies.

We help hotel owners reduce operating costs and liabilities and enhance business reputation and marketability without sacrificing comfort thru our first-class Smart and Sustainable hotel solutions to build a versatile, energy efficient and premium hotel accommodation.

Features and Benefits:
  • Smart Accounting and Guests Management

  • Smart Door Lock System

  • HVAC Control and Energy Monitoring

  • Smart Lighting System

  • Voice Network (IP Phones and Intercoms)

  • Parking Automation (Driveway Sensors)

  • Fire Suppression and Leakage Detection System

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