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IoT & Smart City Solutions

A smart city is one that completely runs on technology—be it for electricity, water, sanitation and recycling, ensuring 24/7 water supply, traffic and transport systems that use data analytics to provide efficient Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to ease commuting, automated building security and surveillance systems, requiring minimal human intervention, and Wi-Fi-powered open spaces and houses that ensure always-on, high-speed connectivity.
NexNet Solutions enables Smart Cities with the best-of-breed IoT Solutions and technologies by leveraging infrastructure and providing more efficient and cost effective automation and services, thus reducing building operation costs, quick return of investments, adding comfort, value and ease to citizens, all leading to sustainable, connected and engaged communities.


NexNet Solutions identified an opportunity in building a world class professional consultancy and engineering services company focusing on IoT, smart green cities and integrated building solutions leading to sustainable community developments. This is based on extensive experience worldwide in designing, project managing, and implementing ICT infrastructure.

With our smart IoT solutions, we bring intelligence, automation and control to the cities and buildings through our extensive expertise in telecom network infrastructure design and ICT leading to total integration management of all the building’s systems and thus maximizing energy savings, water efficiency, waste management efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, comfort, safety and security, and the advancement of sustainable methods and designs leading to smart and green buildings development.

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NexNet Solutions is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. USGBC is a trade organization that promotes sustainability in how buildings are designed, built and operated. It is a non-profit organization that certifies sustainable businesses, homes, hospitals, schools, and neighbourhoods. USGBC is dedicated in expanding green building practices and education, and its LEED® Green Building Rating System.