Smart Awards Voting System

SmartAwards voting system allows award and contest administrators to easily facilitate voting process or people’s choice awards via an online system. An award admin can prepare entries for public presentation and submit it to the voting rounds. The front end website is built to showcase finalist entries to facilitate the voting. Voters have one vote to cast each round.

Features and Benefits:
  • The system is equipped with utilities to select and unselect voting options such as leader board, voters count and opening and closing of a voting round.
  • Voter authenticity is controlled by requiring a voter's name, email address and by recording the voter's IP address (to guard against vote scam).
  • The application can be used on any device since it features device-specific layout to ensure the best experience for all users regardless of the size of their screens.
  • Vote counts are automatically reflected into the Dashboards and leaderboards. Reports are also available in different formats.

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