E-Commerce Development

NexNet Solutions support clients choice of e-commerce development model. For custom portal model, development team will create a unique portal from scratch, where you will have control over any component and operation, security included. We will shape an ecommerce portal according to your brand’s vision.

For platform customization, we offer Shopify customization to build a tailored portal strongly associated with your brand. We will integrate it with all the necessary third-party apps and in-house systems to augment its functionality and make it fit in with your ecosystem

Our design and development objectives is to empower your ecommerce business with a user-friendly portal that can help drive traffic to your store, support tailored customer journeys, and increase revenue.

We develop customer-centric ecommerce portals for businesses that want to enhance their digital presence and delight customers with consistent experiences. We equip portals with intuitive search and attractive UI for them to serve as cross-platform digital buying hubs.


Major Benefits
  • Opportunity to Tap New Market

  • Insights on Customer Data

  • Low Maintenance Costs

  • Help you Stay Competitive

  • Meet the Needs of Consumers

  • User-Friendly Features

  • Limitless Possibilities to Create New Sales Channels

  • Effortless Management of Delivery

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