SOAR Platform

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) is a type of security platform that combines security orchestration, automation, and response capabilities to help organizations improve their overall security posture.

SOAR solutions can be used to automate and streamline incident response processes, improve incident visibility, and provide advanced analytics and threat intelligence capabilities.

They can also be used to integrate with a variety of existing security tools, such as SIEM, IDS/IPS, and endpoint security solutions to provide a unified view of the organization’s security posture.

Major Benefits
  • Faster response time

  • Optimized threat intelligence

  • Reduced manual operations & standardized processes

  • Reduced cyber-attack impact

  • Streamlined operations

  • Easy technology & tools integration

  • Lowered cost

  • Automated reporting & metrics capabilities

  • Standardized communication during incident response

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