Project Management and Support Services

Nexnet Solutions provides project & contract support services to local government agencies, general contractors and sub-contractors. We provide a full range of services required to plan and successfully deliver projects for public and private owners.

We have experience working with clients whose project teams include members from multiple organizations, multiple locations, and multiple geographic regions. Our experience includes working with multiple project leaders, multiple project sponsors, and multiple business entities. 

We draw upon our experience to provide our clients with project coordination whilst providing guidelines for professional financial and administrative reporting. We help our clients with their coordination of project tasks which involves: the mapping of project processes, the monitoring of progress, continuous risk analysis and communication with partners.

Major Benefits
  • NexNet works with the team to create schedules, budgets, and other components of the Project Plan. This gives the team clear direction and sets expectations for management and customers regarding each project deliverable.
  • NexNet works with the customers and team to ensure that the scope is well-defined from the outset. This enables the team to write clear requirements, and everyone has the same understanding of what to deliver at the end of the project.
  • It includes identifying risks early in the process and addressing them before they cause problems. It also involves managing change throughout the project by tracking changes and communicating them effectively.
  • NexNet helps in projecting operating expenses as the business grows.
  • With NexNet, you can leverage proactive data migration, backups, networking, monitoring, and fixing solutions.

    This option proves really helpful when you need monitoring and seamless management of your IT products.
  • With this happening, companies get sufficient time for innovative products or services. We focus on developing new concepts, items, or services that customers like. This is how businesses win an opportunity to scale up.

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