5G Digital Market Place

NexNet Solutions provides an effective and efficient way to leverage customers’ growing 5G needs with a digital platform that connects potential buyers and sellers through the integration of network, IoT, security, AI, and other applications together. Our 5G Digital Marketplace solves business problems by orchestrating the automation of various industries in an easy, focused, and cost-effective way. The 5G Marketplace is a partner ecosystem that integrates and monetizes emerging 5G, IoT, and Edge technology opportunities, driven by the needs of businesses to integrate various technologies, 5G solution providers and their industry offers.

With our 5G Digital Marketplace, communications service providers (CSPs) would have the opportunity to build vertical-specific solutions for their potential customers. Its highly scalable, cloud-based design allows for flexible business functionalities, is capable of hosting myriads of solutions and collaborations, and ensures B2B  customer satisfaction through a simplified, centralized platform. NexNet Solutions aim to help businesses collaborate and expand with each other while taking advantage of new technologies such as 5G, cloud, IoT, and AI to bring them closer to end-users. 

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