Data Center Solutions

According to previous studies, data networks consumed around 250 TWh in 2019, or about 1% of global electricity use, with mobile networks accounting for two-thirds. Based on current efficiency improvement trends, electricity consumption is projected to rise to around 270 TWh in 2022. IDC predicts the world’s data will grow to 175 zettabytes in 2025. Because of the global demand for more data, faster network performance and network user demands, the energy and cost required to maintain these data centers continue to drastically rise.

NexNet Solutions is fully aware that building green is the topic of focus these days, and the concept is having an impact on the way people think about data centers.

NexNet Solutions’ will provide state of the art and best of breed solutions to meet all data center needs. We deliver a broad range of green services from energy efficiency assessments to LEED compliant facility design and consulting on appropriate emerging technology adoption.

  • Energy Efficient Data Centers

  • Data Center Automation

  • Access, Security and Remote Monitoring

  • Power Consumption Monitoring

  • Effective HVAC Consumption

  • Lead Free Materials Utilization

  • Space Management

  • Cable and Wiring Management

  • Virtualization of Network Components

NexNet Solutions’ experienced management team and consultants will design and engineer data center with all the green and sustainable building practices considered. We will provide data center with everything to be able to develop a successful green design.

NexNet Solutions’ Data Center Implementation Services Model:

Data Center Construction
Data Center Electro-mechanical
Data Center Automation
Data Center IP Components

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