Edge Orchestration

The rise of 5G has already started changing the status quo in the global market, drastically shifting the perspective on network topology, traditional connectivity service models, and device management. Our 5G solutions are positioned to capture the best opportunity in delivering a wide range of services – from improving network latency, localization of data to efficient data processing, as well as launching new revenue opportunities across myriads of economic sectors.

Our 5G solutions has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and has built a robust portfolio that meets consumer and business requirements. This growth does not exclude our Edge Orchestration Solutions which meet the demands of the ever compounding complexity of 5G.

NexNet’s Edge Orchestration Solution offers multi-tenancy support crucial in delivering dynamic network slicing vital for 5G services, efficiently utilizing mobile backhaul and core networks, virtualized network functions (VNFs), and optimizing storage and computational resources.

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Major Benefits of Edge Orchestration:
  • Domain Specific Orchestration/End-to-End Service Orchestration

  • Advanced app interaction with network thru orchestration and network exposure

  • Multitenancy Support

  • Reduced backhaul traffic

  • Increased network performance

  • Centralized data storage flexible to industry requirements

  • Reduced TCO by disaggregating access functions

  • Enhanced security

NexNet’s Edge Orchestration Solution Use Cases:
  • IoT Analytics

  • Edge Cloud Gaming

  • Cloud DVR

  • Speech Analytics: words detection, intonation,sentiments, etc.

  • Voice Access Control

  • Conversational Chatbots

  • Cognitive Contact Center

  • Voice Assistant

  • Conferencing

  • Virtual Video Wall for touristic spots, social media sharing

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Traffic Monitoring and Management (car and people counting) Vehicle counting and classification, Average speed

  • Origin/Destination Matrix

  • Precise Outdoor Location for Public Assets

  • FaceMask Detection

  • Face Biometric/ Face Identification/Crowd Detection

  • Content Delivery in Stadiums and Events

  • Industrial Machinery Telemaintenance

  • Health Equipment Edge-to-Cloud Analytics

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