Carrier-grade Load Balancing

Load Balancing refers to distributing incoming HTTP requests across Web servers in a server farm, to avoid overloading any one server. Because load balancing distributes the requests based on the actual load at each server, it is excellent for ensuring availability and defending against denial of service attacks.

NexNet Solutions offers a carrier-grade load balancing solution that provides an open architectural and robust framework to increase Intelligence, Not Operating Costs.

Our Load Balancing Solution can help customer simplify the network by offloading servers and consolidating devices, saving management costs as well as power, space, and cooling in the data center.

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Features and Benefits:

Load Balancing will enable Service Providers to have:

Advanced Layer 4/Layer 7 Server Load Balancing
  • Fast TCP, Fast UDP, Fast HTTP, Full HTTP Proxy

  • High-performance, template-based, Layer 7 URL and URL hash switching

  • Header, URL and domain manipulation

  • Comprehensive Layer 7 application persistence support

Comprehensive Load Balancing Methods
  • Round Robin

  • Least Connections

  • Weighted Round Robin

  • Weighted Least Connections

  • Fastest Response

Advanced Health Monitoring
  • Comprehensive protocol support – ICMP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RTSP, SMTP, POP3, SNMP, DNS, RADIUS, LDAP, SIP

  • TCL scriptable health check support

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