As operators deploy various mobile access technologies such as 3G, WiFi, LTE and 5G for various business reasons, they end up with multiple vendors and multiple silos for mobile access, control and multi-media core network functions which add to the complexity of the entire network resulting to increased operational cost and inefficiencies.

NexNet Solutions provides independent Mobile gateway solutions that bring data and mobility to organizations through years of experience in the computing, internetworking and telecommunications industries. Based upon our unique integrated technology, advanced applications and experienced management team we are able to provide a complete solution to organizations by bringing vital data to them in a simple and scalable solution, whenever and wherever it is required.

Features and Benefits:
  • Integrated packet voice, data and multimedia for service flexibility.

  • Detailed protocol monitoring, debugging, and subscriber statistics.

  • High touch, deep packet inspection for enhanced charging and user understanding.

  • In-line services for highly flexible service control and operational simplicity.

  • Simple scalability with no function-specific cards.

  • High reliability with session recovery and geographic redundancy.

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