Equipment Identification Repository

In NexNet Solutions, we are adamant in prioritizing the security of our partners and customers against numerous hostile malware that seeks to misuse their personal data, network, and even revenue. During this digital age where every information seems to be archived online – from grocery payments to private company information – the threat of unauthorized utilization of information seems to be inevitable. That’s where EIR or Equipment Identification Repository comes into play. By protecting the data and integrity of computing assets, fulfilling regulatory requirements and restricting malicious user activities in a mobile network it allows for a much safer environment for end-users and operators to navigate services. 

Our EIR Solution is a versatile platform that supports all core networks, utilizes a software-based implementation, as well as being fully 3GPP compliant. It features a unified access point for authentication of mobile devices, a flexible licensing model, increased service availability and an impressive scalability capacity with the least amount of interference. NexNet’s EIR Solution is fully integrated to meet operators and end user’s demand.

Benefits and Features:

  • Allows the re-use of information stored for 4G via S13 interface

  • Enables co-execution of multiple core network applications on multiple platforms

  • Supports external entities access such as the IMEI DB as maintained by GSMA

  • Effective virtual network functions (VNFs)

  • Advanced Security protocols

  • Prevent revenue leakage

  • Active triggering, reporting, alarming, service logic

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