Fiber Monitoring

Maintaining optimal fiber condition and performance requires a robust monitoring practice to identify and react to problems quickly. To accurately detect fiber faults from the source, Operators must integrate their solutions to ensure the elaborate acquisition of data in order to immediately rectify the problem. NexNet Solutions offer high performance, cost-optimized, and intuitive attenuation-detection solution to ensure Fiber integrity. With our Fiber Monitoring Solution, finding accurate service and coming up with a durable solution is no longer challenging. 

Our Fiber Monitoring platform contains any problems on infrastructure even before services are affected, reduces MTTR up to 4–6 hours, and provides immediate trouble ticket dispatch/verification. It features a secure HTML web interface for direct control and review of network status, an embedded web browser management tool, and is capable of monitoring over 100km. Our service-agnostic fiber monitoring solution provides full visibility of passive fiber networks in real-time, marshal the right resources without the need for time-consuming onsite visits, and maintain customer satisfaction for Service Providers. 

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Features and Benefits of our Fiber Monitoring Solution:

  • Reduced MTTR (mean-time-to-resolution)

  • Fully non-intrusive monitoring

  • Passive demarcation reflectors without power supply

  • Significantly reduce downtime of fiber infrastructure

  • Simplified RCA, therefore, reducing CapEx OpEx

  • Pro-active maintenance of network deterioration

  • Fastest fault detection time and best detection accuracy

  • GIS Support

  • Self-calibration

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