IP Log Management System

NexNet Solutions is continuously looking for solutions to alleviate our customer’s plight, one of these problems is assuring that our customer’s data is safeguarded by trustworthy software. NexNet offers our IPLMS Solution which collects, stores, and analyzes large volumes of network and security event logs for safekeeping against cybercrime.

Our IPLMS solution collects and stores log files for compliance audit, manages real time alerts and traffic records related to packet request/template or pending request, converts NAT Logs which arranges data in an ordered structure into the storage and file system, and incorporates a user friendly GUI based operation which allows users to acquire information such as MSISDN, MAC ID, IMEI, Public IP, Private IP, Gateway IP, Location and Access ports along with end–to-end IP details.

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IPLMS Solution features:
  • Ability to handle a large volume of transactions per second

  • Storage capacities of over a year through data compression

  • Access rights for GUI based operations provided to nodal officers and vigilance agencies

  • NAT Log Collector Engine

  • NAT Log Parsing & Processing Engine

  • LI Query Search/Advanced Search

  • Integration with 3rd party Network Elements

  • Supports primary to secondary switch over

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