Mobile Internet Solutions

Today, half of the world’s population now has a mobile subscription.

Considering Mobile voice service as a necessity by most, and mobile voice, data, and video services have been fast becoming an essential part of consumers’ lives, NexNet Solutions provides operators, enterprises and consumers unique and secured Mobile Internet Solutions in preparation to the emerging era of Mobile communication.

Covering Service Providers, Telcos, Enterprises, And Over-The-Top Players With Our Next Generation Global Communications Network.

A Pre-defined Mobile Application Interface Component That Will Allow Enterprises To Customize As Per The Need.

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You Will Be Able To Add:
  • Your Logo

  • Your Brand Identity & Color

  • Your Customized Icon

  • Your Promotion Banner

An SDK To Easily Add And Customize Your Services And Applications With A Broad Portfolio Of Value Added Services And Features.

Virtual Storefront
Payment API
Advertising SDK
Caller ID
Data Analysis

Our Premier Solution Covers The Most Asked-For Business Challenges:

Minimum CAPEX
Scalable Architecture
First Time to Market
Access Control & Cost Saving
Secure Network
Mobile Data Analytics

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