Charging Gateway Function

Our Charging Gateway Function solution is capable of receiving charging information from GGSN/SGSN/S-GW/P-GW over GTP’ protocol and converts to format supported by Operator Telecom Billing Centre. Processed CDRs shall be transmitted to mediation system over sFTP at a configurable periodic frequency.

Our Charging Gateway Function (CGF) is a 3GPP compliant offline mediation solution supporting GTP Prime protocol that is capable of accepting any event or record in any standards based format generated by the network and producing rich records in format required by the downstream system. It helps protect investment in existing BSS/OSS systems by interfacing to transfer information to the downstream system in the required format.

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  • Minimizes Time and Cost to Market
    -Offers flexibility, scalability & functionality necessary to shield OSS/BSS Systems from changes in the NE
    -With off-the-shield modules, cutting down costs and ensuring quick roll outs and rapid deployments

  • Prevents Revenue Leakage
    -Translates accurate information between the various network elements
    -Prevents usage, rating, billing errors and revenue leakage

  • Builds Business Intelligence
    -Unifies customer usage patterns from legacy networks over a single platform
    -Offering simplicity in collecting data in multi-service, multi network environment

  • Flexibility and Scalability
    -Combines great flexibility to meet the variety of communication needs
    -Placed centrally or distributed over machines or nodes at multiple locations

Charging Gateway Function (CGF) Value Proposition:
  • Enables launch, protects investment in existing infrastructure while moving to Next Generation services

  • Vendor Independent -100% Java based product, hardware & Operating System agnostic and can be deployed in multi- hardware set-up

  • Low Maintenance and Support Cost

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