Convergent Prepaid Billing

NexNet Solutions prepaid billing platform will deliver integrated rating, customer care and service provisioning for the next generation prepaid services.

Prepaid services offer the advantage of reducing bad accounts while allowing them to predict usage and plan network resources. Yet, the real time demands of prepaid services require a scalable, real-time platform to manage customers through their entire life cycle.

Our Convergent Prepaid Billing delivers the true benefits of prepaid services through last balance control and prevention of revenue leakage. At the same time, enable the creation and delivery of complex services and discounts in real time, reducing the churn prevalent in prepaid customers.

With vast experience and extensive knowledge in building networks globally, NexNet Solutions has proven its prowess in defining robust scalable networks providing AAA and prepaid solutions to major service providers across the region to deliver value-added services to its customers.

NexNet Solutions is committed to Service Provider’s success in launching, scaling and reducing the risks associated in providing their required infrastructure. This will greatly help Service Provider to leverage from other service providers in the region in terms of quality of service and customer satisfaction.

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