Real Time Voucher Management

NexNet Solutions offers best in class Voucher Management System (VMS) offering a secure and flexible prepaid service recharge solution that supports multiple payment gateways.

As the prepaid market continues to grow rapidly an effective Voucher Management System is needed to efficiently manage the prepaid vouchers/cards sold to end-subscribers in the market.

VMS provides complete prepaid voucher lifecycle management including voucher ordering, activation, generation, recharging and deactivation for millions of subscribers.

VMS can be integrated with any third party prepaid system. Easy electronic replenishment offers rapid service at low costs which are not feasible through physical distribution.

Designed to handle wire line and wireless networks, it can process and manage millions of voucher transactions in real time. Complete audit and tracking within this system minimizes risk of fraud and ensures security.

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Features and Benefits:
  • Voucher generation – Allows the generation of vouchers with required prefix, denomination, quantity, period and user validity.

  • Voucher Encryption – Allows control over voucher transactions at various stages of their life cycle. For instance, if a voucher’s print detail file is to be sent to a third party printing systems, it can be encrypted.

  • Multiple Channels – Allows recharge through multi-mode recharge modules, including offline and electronic channels.

  • Channel Management – Allows expansion of operations through distribution and management of vouchers assigned to distributors and resellers.

  • Audit Trail – Allows assignment of access rights for features. Also enables setting of limits for transactions at the level of a transaction, day and month. It ensures secure access with IP-based authentication.

  • 3rd Party Integration – Our solution is based on J2EE platform and offers open ended interfaces for integration with other OSS/BSS software systems.

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