Unified Rating and Charging System

NexNet Solutions offers a highly flexible, real-time, prepaid-postpaid unified rating and charging system engine that meets the needs of both legacy and next generation IP, FTTH/HFC,  wireline and wireless networks.

More and more telcos are now offering bundled voice, video and data services to retain their existing subscriber base and entice prospective customers. These service implementations face challenges in supporting flexible pricing plans and service bundles, and smooth switching between postpaid and prepaid payment types.

Unified Rating and Charging system solution is a highly flexible, real-time, pulse-based, prepaid-postpaid convergent rating & charging engine, meets the needs of both legacy and new generation networks. Its integrated platform permits complex, value-added data, voice and video services to be launched rapidly.

The Unified Rating and Charging engine facilitates real-time and near real time rating and charging, enabling Service providers to unify billing processes for all their customers. It proactively minimizes revenue leakage, errors and fraud throughout the entire customer lifecycle by managing rate rules in a centralized interface.

NexNet Solutions offers Unified and Rating Charging solutions that can help service providers simplify billing related infrastructure while delivering the services subscribers want whether in post-pay or pre-pay model, implement cross promotional packages, reduce rating-related operational expenses, deliver a unified view of all services, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

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Features and Benefits:
  • Enable fair usage based on application awareness, roaming status, service plan in both pre-paid and postpaid environment.

  • Flexible rule based editor to add or modify subscribers policies based on the services packages chosen.

  • Plug revenue leakage.

  • Adhering to 3GPP Standard.

  • Faster rollout of services by Mobile Operators.

  • Enable real time metering of services and able to charge on contents instead of flat rate.

  • Help to grow incremental revenues and reduce the possibility of revenue leakage.

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