NexNet’s offers a Packet Core Solutions that can work on wireless (5G, 4G/LTE, and IoT) as well as wireline networks. It delivers a highly flexible automation that can be deployed standalone or with pre-integrated Billing, Charging, and Subscriber management platforms. 

As access to technologies evolved from dial-up to DSL and to FTTH for wire-line and 3G, 4G, and to 5G for wireless, service providers ended up with multi-access networks for various business reasons. Service providers are then faced with multiple silos for access control and policy management creating barriers to deploy bundled services across all network technologies that would provide a consistent user experience regardless of device and network connection used. 

NexNet Packet Core solution provides a virtualized, converged network that helps service providers deliver innovative services to meet the changing customer demands. NexNet offers active mediation, convergent rating and charging with real-time and near real- time capabilities, real-time billing, and IP/IMS enabled business support. 

Packet Core Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced Automation

  • Cloud Native

  • Reduced Signaling

  • Fast time to market

  • Intelligent service mesh

  • Granular Tracing

  • In-service software upgrade


Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
Policy Charging Function
Policy Control and Charging
Diameter Signaling Router

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