Policy Control and Charging (PCC)

To remedy the trouble of managing network traffic and control of network opex, NexNet Solutions decided to cater the ever evolving needs and upgrades of businesses and IoT devices. Nexnet’s Policy Control and Charging Solution aims to deliver innovative service plans, protect customer revenue, maintain accurate data classification/administering, as well as support fine-grained QoS and roaming. 

NexNet’s charging platform offers real-time capability to CSPs, allows system integration with operator’s existing PCRF to enable new monetization use cases, control of subscriber entitlement, and network resources. Powered by dynamic softwares, our PCC solution ensures appropriate rating and charging for quality of service and bandwidth allocation. Our PCC Solution offers innovative access to services, real-time upgrades, service passes and advice-of-charge alerts that flawlessly evolve with our customer’s business.

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Policy Control and Charging Benefits and Features:
  • Accepts all major PCC service quality standards and charging parameters

  • Provides credit management and generates charging data records (CDRs) for billing system

  • User-friendly GUI

  • Supports Radius and Diameter interface

  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Dynamic QoS Control

  • Multi-vendor interoperability

  • Dashboard-based monitoring

  • Platform/Vendor/Hardware/Network Agnostic

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