NexNet Solutions is revolutionizing the way Service Providers automate their operations by continuously introducing robust integrations to meet their customer’s needs – and by focusing on providing high operational availability of 5G across the globe, it’s exactly what NexNet is achieving. 

While this self-contained 5G Network solution introduces an intelligent approach to an all-in-one solution for all hardware and software operational needs, it helps operators systematically reduce costs without demanding a decline in service quality. Its eNodeB and gNodeB integration are 3GPP compliant that seamlessly support voice, text, video, and packet data services, requires no existing infrastructure, and is conveniently adaptable for air, ground, maritime, and Network-On-The-Move operations.

Our Single Unit 5G Network has been successfully integrated across the globe and has been used in private, commercial, and government networks by efficiently supporting 5G SA and NSA, as well as LTE without affecting network management and operations despite its small and compact dimensions. With NexNet’s Single Unit 5G Network, providing comprehensive support across multiple data services has never been this convenient. 

5G-in-a-Box Features:

  • Operates as Secure Standalone or Integrated

  • Support broadcast and multicast PDU sessions

  • Integrated alarm and fault management including forward power, VSWR, and operating status

  • 3GPP Compliant on Core and RAN services

  • Flexible reach deployment

  • Network Slicing

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