NexNet’s 5G platform includes a distributed small cell based on CRAN and ORAN standard architecture that supports interoperability between components from different vendors through southbound interfaces. Our 5G NR RAN solution integrates with many aspects of technology such as cloud computing, big data, AI, and IoT and is applicable on myriads of use cases. 5G NR RAN has a central control unit that efficiently unifies management of wireless resources and helps Operators reduce resource deployment, CapEx and OpEx, and expenditures. Our 5G NR RAN solution aims to dramatically improve the level of connectivity, meet performance expectations, and embody extensive virtualization.  

5G NR RAN Use Cases:

  • Cloud gaming

  • AR/VR

  • Autonomous driving

  • Fixed Wireless Access


  • Support 1000 UE / sectors in the active state at the same time

  • Support 500 UE / sectors in the connection state at the same time.

  • Can achieve 100MHz bandwidth and 74% downlink ratio

  • BBU can be integrated with the existing software functions of the operator

  • Accelerate software and hardware decoupling at the same time

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