Relational Database Management System - RDBMS

Relational databases store data in tables and those tables inevitably increase as more data is inputted. Securing those data and ensuring that it does not interfere with operations is something SPs need not stress about. With NexNet solutions, acquiring, editing, and updating relational databases no longer requires extra effort. NexNet Solutions’ pertinent Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) platform is integrated with a powerful foundation able to serve numerous services for your business-critical operation.

Our RDMS platform efficiently handles multitudes of data and complex queries consistently and efficiently. It is optimized for any operation, meaning that it’s scalable to fit your compounding data requirements, manage your data efficiently to ensure volume and complexities won’t interfere with performance, and simultaneously synchronize with other platforms for an uninterrupted workflow. Our platform is easy to use and cost-effective despite its powerful technology and flexible functions. NexNet integrates its RDBMS platform to fit our customer requirements and is capable of scaling to meet the specific needs of any complex application. 

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RDBMS Features:

  • Handle large data volumes

  • Support multiple concurrent user access

  • Specifies relationship between data elements via keys and indexes

  • Follows the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) model

  • SQL facilitates quicker data retrieval

  • Full support for distributed databases

  • Help automate data loading and database backup

  • Measures database usage, capacity, and performance

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