Value-Added Services (VAS) Solutions

NexNet Solutions’ unique, adaptive, and ingenious platforms offer new revenue opportunities to Service Providers by continuously automating and strategizing solutions aimed towards a diverse clientele. Our non-core services create a stronger rapport between SPs and their end-users by effectively diversifying our portfolio of amenities because NexNet understands that today’s complex service creation environment requires a new generation of technologies and enablers.

NexNet offers a single, multi-technology, and multi-vendor environment for next-generation service lifecycle management from concept to cash, including service creation, deployment, and execution. This platform leverages open standards to integrate critical enablers which then enables better collaboration with internal and third-party sources. Our VAS Solutions integrate new services more rapidly, including leading-edge components such as IP video, mobility, and cloud-based services while simultaneously supporting end-to-end device management. 

Our Value-Added Services ensure wider service availability, optimized ROI, and an enhanced customer experience that would all compound to improved revenue growth. With NexNet Solutions, SPs would be able to capitalize on the growing number of mobile users across the globe and efficiently devise new marketing strategies to greatly impact their business standing against competitors in the market. 

Benefits of VAS:

  • Increased service availability

  • Capital and Operating Cost reduction

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Optimized Return of Investments

  • Faster time-to-market

  • Customer loyalty and business's long-term success

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