Video Optimization Solution

It’s safe to assume that this digital age’s most important aspect is video. And with great demand comes even greater prerequisites. From gaming alone in the comfort of your room to addressing hundreds of people across the globe through video conferencing, the adequacy of video quality is essential to all sectors of life – may it be just spending time scrolling through your social media feed or marketing your next project, according to Demand Metric, in partnership with Vidyard, 83% of survey respondents said that video is increasing in importance. 

Educational content alone garners billions of views across the globe and according to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey 68% of people stated that they’d rather learn about a topic or product through a short video. Video is a big part of our culture today and that means an even bigger market for Operators to cater to, and with the ever-increasing OTT media services, Service Providers have a hard time reducing RAN congestion, supporting higher bandwidth, and managing irregular mobile data traffic patterns.

Video is no longer an option but a requirement. NexNet sees the potential in this industry and adheres to its automation and advancement. With our Video Optimization Solution, we will fully empower the driving demand for seamless high-definition video service.  

Our Video Optimization Solution is run by a powerful service orchestration engine,  architected using patent-pending AI technology which provides real-time congestion reports that give way for operators to implement traffic management policies that can be enforced based on the congestion status, it features an accurate traffic and video classification heuristics that lets operators categorize encrypted traffic flows, provide improve QoE for end-users, and efficiently predict trends/create new offerings. 

Video Optimization Solution Features and Benefits:

  • Manage RAN congestion

  • Enables operators to rapidly adapt to changing traffic demands

  • Real-time evaluation of the device, content provider, bearer, video resolution, bitrate, roaming status, cell ID, and type of content, etc.

  • Maximized capacity without sacrificing QoE

  • Real-time MOS quality video evaluation

  • NFV Compliant

  • HTTP/HTTPS/QUIC; ready to handle HTTP2.0

  • Does not require real-time integration

  • Provides a congestion status score on a per-network location basis

  • Encrypted flow rates are managed in realtime based on detected encoding settings to deliver an optimized video resolution

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