Wi-Fi Packet Core Offload

NexNet Solutions offers Wi-Fi Packet Core Offload Solution which provides support for diameter to communicate with Packet core networks as well as radius support for IEEE 802.1X networks like Wi-Fi through a single PCRF deployment. This enables service providers for managing various parameters like QoS and Quota management over for Wi-Fi over standard radius CoA and also seamless handover from packet core to Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Packet Core Offload Solution enables mobile data offload wherein the data targeted for cellular networks can be offloaded to complementary networks like Wi-Fi, femtocell, LTE to optimize the network. It enables operators to launch converged plan with the existing and complementary offloaded network as well as separate plans for both with respect to Quota, QoS with enhance user experience at reduced costs.

Wi-Fi Packet Core Offload Solution Opportunities:

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Considering example of 3G to Wi-Fi offload various plans like

Tethering Plans for different time durations – e.g. peak hour, off-peak hour


  • Differential QoS
  • Quota (Centralized or Separate)
  • Applications
  • Location Based


  • 1 mbps
  • 1 gb
  • All QoS - 1 mbps
  • Different for home and enterprise usage

Wifi (on Offload)

  • 2 mbps
  • 2 gb
  • All - 2 mbps, video streaming - 3mbps
  • Different QoS for different Hotspots

Wi-Fi Packet Core Offload Solution Value Proposition:

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