WiFi Data Offload

NexNet Solutions is one of the few companies worldwide that is able to provide end-to-end Carrier Grade WiFi Offload Solution. NexNet is providing an unbiased, best-of-breed complete WiFi Data Offload platform to address clients’ various technical, operational, and business needs through its experienced team and high-performing partners. For end-users, WiFi offloading is a faster and more reliable experience, and with our solution, SPs won’t have the problem of crowded networks and slow response times. 

Our WiFi Data Offload solution helps consumers automatically switch from LTE to WiFi networks and improve network selection while simultaneously reducing the cost for operators and customers alike. Our platform is capable of accommodating new users with its optimized network capacity and coverage available for 5G, 4G, and 3G networks. With NexNet’s WiFi Data Offload platform communications service providers (CSPs) would have the ability to gain new revenue opportunities may it be the form of an improved connected network that can be utilized to host various platforms for advertisements and partnerships or an increased network speed that ultimately improves end-user satisfaction. NexNet solutions’ robust and automated WiFi Data Offload solution not only offers better wifi performance but CSPs would have the ability to optimize their operations through a centralized location, acquire analytical insights through Edge Analytics, and utilize an intelligent network that automates LTE/WiFi selection based on signal strength and throughput from the end-user.

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  • Offers Location, Radio & Proximity Analytics and On/Off Network Data Usage

  • Offers Policy Pull/Fetch, Policy Caching, Policy Evaluation

  • Analytical insight on QoE Measurement, Rove In/out

  • Device Event Monitoring, Intelligent Rule/Automation Engine and Actions Framework

  • Discover Network Congestion

  • Reduce 50% of Infra Cost & Increase Coverage Area through WiFi compared to LTE

  • Compliant with 3GPP standards for ANDSF

  • Measure user experience using passive and active throughput test to determine whether the network should be LTE or WiFi

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