WiFi Monetization Solution

NexNet’s WiFi Monetization Solution is a comprehensive platform that enables the monetization of network offerings, a highly customizable solution that gives venue owners and enterprises the opportunity to build engagement platforms with customers using wireless internet networks.

NexNet’s Wifi Monetization Solution offers features needed to generate tangible, fast, and reliable internet services to increase revenue growth. This solution provides multiple cost effective techniques for seamless and secure on board to Wi-Fi while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction. We understand that businesses need to generate revenue and for customers to be provided premium services in order to keep them loyal to your organization’s brand, therefore NexNet’s Wifi Monetization Solution makes sure to leverage all insights and data acquired to improve customer experience and optimise your branding. 

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Features and Benefits of Wi Fi Monetization:
  • Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy network support

  • Vendor-agnostic integration

  • Customizable WiFi experience

  • Cloud-based architecture

  • Implement advertising strategies

  • Generate new revenue streams by partnerships with location specific partners

  • Identify usage patterns through subscriber analytics

  • Multiple content types

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