Inventory Management System (IMS) Solution


Assets within Telecom Operators and companies are vital to successful communications infrastructure. Maintaining an accurate inventory will help in several ways especially in controlling rising costs.

In order to maximize the value of your network, you need to know what it consists of and its status.

With NexNet Solutions Inventory & Management System (IMS), a powerful multi-user Operations Support System (OSS), allows a business to register and manage a wide range of telecommunications networks and platforms in one central location.


IMS processes supported:



Benefits of IMS

  • End-to-end views of network services on a cross-platform basis
  • Single point of failure calculations result in fewer network outages
  • Optimized network capacity management
  • Complete and accurate asset overview, involving a full life cycle of materials, to represent depreciation and return on investment
  • Automatic discovery and synchronization of live network assets with NMS, EMS and NEs
  • Integration with other systems, such as alarm and performance management, CRM and GIS
  • Supporting all network platforms and vendors
  • Threshold reporting initiates the ability for a pro-active network build