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Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

The growth in Internet traffic is both good and bad news for Internet service providers (ISPs). Internet access has become an essential commodity of modern life with people spending more and more time “online” across a plethora of devices. However the highly competitive nature of the market means that prices for Internet access are flat to declining against a background of 30%+ annual traffic growth per subscriber.


Smartphones and other devices generate thousands of petabytes of mobile data traffic yearly. New research expects mobile data traffic to pass 90,000 petabytes by 2017. Putting this number in perspective, that’s roughly equivalent to nearly 42 quadrillion tweets or around 7 billion Blu-ray movies! Only 40 percent of this generated data will reach cellular networks because Wi-Fi networks will continue to serve the majority of this data traffic through at least 2017. This may not necessarily be a bad trend as ever increasing consumer traffic demand continues to outstrip the network capacity putting pressure on operators’ networks.


NexNet Solutions offers world-class unbiased and unmatched 3rd party solutions for telecom service providers. Our solutions offer sophisticated, intelligent and flexible design to enable mobile operators and converged service providers to differentiate traffic and dynamically apply policies based on a wide variety of business rules and attributes, such as subscriber profile/preferences, device capabilities, network bearer, location and other service enabler information.