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IP Telephony / VoIP Solutions


IPTraditional IP routing has several well-known limitations, ranging from scalability issues to poor support of traffic engineering and poor integration with Layer 2 backbones already existing in large service provider networks. With the rapid growth of the Internet and the establishment of IP as the Layer 3 protocol of choice in most environments, the drawbacks of traditional IP routing became more and more obvious.


NexNet Solutions’ experience and expertise in IP technology enables us to provide effective and innovative designs and implementations of MPLS networks. This has given customers benefits of having connectionless Layer 3 routing and forwarding with connection-oriented Layer 2 forwarding.


Features and Benefits:


  • Enhanced productivity – since IP telephony supports a host of applications and devices, it enables employees to carry out their tasks more effectively and efficiently.
  • Improved business resiliency – as IP telephony solutions are structured in such a way to detect and eliminate single points of failure, it can be dispersed to safe guard against local troubles in service and to automatically redirect data, voice, and video traffic around failures.
  • Increased mobility – with the introduction of this technology, employees are no longer tied up with the phone in their offices. This in turn has enabled the workers to communicate on business matters from home or even from the road
  • Elimination of risks associated with vendor lock-in