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Next Generation Deep Packet Inspection

NexNet Solutions provides independent and unbiased Next Generation Deep Packet Inspection solution to answer to the aggressive and ever-growing network security and network attack prevention requirements of carriers, service providers, and wireless operators.




Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) examines the data part of a packet and analyzes the traffic behavior as it passes an inspection point for the purpose of collecting statistical information.

Over the past few years, the importance of deep packet inspection has increased tremendously. This rise can mostly be attributed to the growing number of Internet threats and the increasing need to curb the misuse of the network by the end user.

DPI is next-generation technology that’s capable of inspecting every byte of every packet that passes through the DPI device. That means packet headers, types of applications and actual packet content.

DPI allows the people controlling the device to know everything, including the payload of each packet in the data stream.

Deep packet inspection is one of the most advantageous services for a network’s safety and efficiency.

NexNet Solutions’ DPI Solution offers sophisticated analysis tools for business planning, and delivering real-time control that enables monetization on their networks while providing their subscribers with a superior broadband experience.


Features and Benefits:

  • DPI allows Service Providers to prioritize Interactive Applications.
  • DPI prevents potential network attacks.
  • This will allow Service Providers to enforce rate-limiting policies to control high bandwidth consumption applications.
  • DPI imposes Quality of Service (QoS) for preferred applications.
  • DPI allows Service Providers to optimize bandwidth usage and prioritize critical applications.
  • Will allow Service Providers to manage aggressive background applications.
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Quality of service: P2P traffic gives ISPs a great deal of trouble. DPI would allow the ISP to instigate traffic control and bandwidth allocation