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Mobile Value Added Services

NexNet Solutions’ Service Delivery Platform Solutions

Today’s complex service creation environment, and a more competitive marketplace, requires a new generation of technologies and enablers.

Service DeliveryProviding a single, multi-technology, multi-vendor environment for next-generation service lifecycle management from concept to cash, including service creation, deployment, and execution. Leverages open standards to integrate critical enablers from access to applications to network to the business support system and operations support system.

Enables better collaboration with internal and third-party sources. Integrates new services more rapidly, including leading-edge components such as IP video, mobility and cloud-based services. Supports end-to-end device management. Delivers a unified customer experience.

NexNet Solutions offers a solution that enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to create and orchestrate next-generation, application-based services over any network and IT infrastructure. Our solution can help companies advance toward high performance by accelerating time to market, reducing risks and costs of service innovation and delivery, increasing flexibility and agility, just to name a few benefits.


Features and Benefits:

  • Supports multiple hosted SIPware services running side–by–side on industry standard hardware.
  • Enables rapid integration with any service provider network—pure IP or converged TDM/IP, wireless or wireline.
  • Accelerates development of new applications and features with our industry–leading Service Creation Environment and standards–based software architecture.
  • Permits graceful, linear scaling to support up to millions of wireless subscribers and billions of minutes—with carrier–grade performance and reliability.
  • Delivers carrier–grade reliability and performance—with “five–nines” availability.
  • Enhances flexibility, enabling carriers to evolve their IP service architecture quickly and cost–effectively.
  • Reduces costs—as a pure IP solution, the SDP eliminates costly TDM switches, dramatically reducing capital and operational costs.