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M2M Service Delivery Platform

NexNet Solutions offers an M2M Service Deliver Platform that provides complex, multi-level, multi-factor device authentication to protect device identity; leverages policy for rich authorization based on multiple parameters; and proxies authentication and authorization requests to third party authentication servers and device management platforms.



It is estimated that the number of cellular M2M connections will triple by 2014.  With the cell phone saturation rate in the US nearing 100%, operators realize that M2M technology creates a new horizon to deliver new services that can address the needs for any market vertical looking to network enable their device and products for sending and receiving vital operational information to improve uptime reliability, customer service, and creation of revenue-generating opportunities.

Best-in-class carriers are now in the early stages of evolving their M2M Service Delivery platforms (beyond basic IP-layer connection enablement) to include Application-layer connectivity to help speed time to market for their customers and increase carrier M2M ARPU.  For carriers who are focused on Cloud-based services, adding Application layer connectivity is a strong enabler for increasing cloud-based hosting revenues by increasing the number of potential transactions from millions of connected devices.

Generates detailed accounting records allowing for new flexible billing models centered on multiple devices and their unique bandwidth requirements. Comprehensive accounting delivers a revenue audit trail.

NexNet Solutions M2M solution is compliant to the industry standards enabling an MNO, MVNO or MVNE of having well suited OSS/BSS environment to manage their complex business processes and large scale implementation across numerous M2M verticals.


Features and Benefits:

  • Single Platform for fragmented M2M ecosystem consisting of numerous services/devices of different types, plenty of vendors and huge data transaction.
  • Standard 3GPP compliant Solution offering guaranteed quality of service through smart monetization of M2M transactions
  • Proper Device Authentication based on multiple parameters to block unauthorised access and thus secure transactions and prevent revenue leakage
  • Scalable
  • Flexible Platform allowing vast subscription management, multi network access, offering accounting flexibility and provisioning of multiple devices on accounts or multinational accounts with clearly defining complex ownership of devices.
  • Account level user control to manage usage thresholds as per device or account, self-care interface to trouble shoot or monitor each connection within an account.
  • Real-time Settlement and commissioning for complex partner & Multi party value chains.
  • Robust Inventory/SIM management capability provides flexibility to manage SIM/Device and allocate them to the end users or service or application, even in bulk ensuring enhanced service experience