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Network Inventory Management Solution


NexNet Solutions offers a powerful multi-user application Network Inventory Management Solution that is fast and user friendly facilities for registering and managing a wide range of telecommunication networks and platforms. This includes networks such as MPLS/IP, SDH, SONET, WDM/OTN, Fiber, Ethernet, Mobile Core, Backhaul and RAN (2G, 3G, 4G), Microwave, Broadcasting, Subsea cable, VSAT, ATM, Voice, DCN and Synchronization.

Most TELCOs have multiple IT solutions for keeping track of their networks, network inventory, capacity management, workflow, impact assessment, order management, fault-handling, warehouse- spare management and vendor- contract management.

We help our customers centralize their data without the need to use multiple systems containing the same data. Our Network Inventory Solution can interface multiple 3rd party NMS and OSS/BSS solutions.

 Network Inventory Management Solution is used for:

  • Registration and management of actual and future telecom networks;
  • Network reconciliation with network management systems and network elements;
  • Automatic configuration (provisioning) via network management interfaces;
  • Automatic Planned Work and Fault Impact analysis;
  • IP address Management;
  • Capacity Management;
  • Creating unique names for network items, such as locations, equipment and connections;
  • Single Point of Failure calculation;
  • Management of Floor Plans;
  • Warehouse and Spare Management;
  • Workflow and Order Management;
  • Vendor and Contract Management;
  • Leased Line Management.