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Next Generation Billing


NexNet Solutions offers a carrier-grade next generation billing, customer care, mediation and provisioning platform that enables next generation data, voice and video services over wireline and wireless networks.


Across the world, many telecommunications companies – and these include Internet Service Providers and cable companies as well as traditional carriers – are trying to work out how to implement and market these services without cannibalising existing revenues and without over-investing. If they are to capitalise on the new opportunities associated with IP (Internet Protocol), then they must roll out new services both cost-effectively and at speed; they must price competitively but still make good margins; and, they must bill customers accurately and offer them flexible payment options.


NexNet Solutions offers convergent Billing system with a unified view for prepaid –postpaid and single bill for multiple services to a new operator, or existing operator looking for revamping existing system moving to a next generation platform. Delivering an end-to-end convergent solution that acts as a competitive business driver while preventing revenue leakage, two critical factors in a multi-technology, multi-service world.


Our Next Generation Billing Solution offers Billing & Revenue Management solution and the Core Network & Session Control Solution, which provide convergence capabilities to CSPs to accommodates multiple technological advances like 3G, 4G/LTE and Cloud, etc. over its convergent framework, supporting rapid geographical rollouts and enabling service providers to deliver multiple next-generation digital services to customers with a unified view. The open integrated architecture, based on J2EE, enables CSPs to rapidly adapt and respond to known and unforeseen changes in the business climate thus, lowering the cost of managing their legacy business and operational support systems. The platform is flexible enough to map to business models like wireline/ wireless broadband, enterprise VoIP, MVNO, Cloud etc.


Features and Benefits:

  • Accurate and single bill for multiple next generation services such as voice, data, video, interactive on-demand VAS, etc.
  • Convergent billing for various markets such as wireless, wireline, Cable broadband, WiMax, Cloud, MVNOs, 3G, 4G/LTE, IMS-based, Prepaid/Postpaid, Enterprise/Retail, Triple Play, Mobile TV etc.
  • Reduced complexity and easy management of services through Customer/ Distributor/ Reseller Web Self care.
  • Consolidated use of multiple systems like 3rd party network elements, Middleware, CAS, various other independent systems through open integration to avoid vendor lock.
  • Enables outsourcing of billing support systems and processes
  • Accuracy enhancement in revenue sharing and various risks distribution across channel partners/distributors/ resellers.