Unified URL Filtering Solution


Today, 60-70% of the internet traffic is encrypted and it will continue to grow because of fast adaptation of the HTTPS encrypted protocol.

With the increase of illegal and harmful websites along with the rise of network traffic over fixed/mobile network, NexNet Solutions is offering Unified URL Filtering Solution which addresses the needs of today’s dynamic Web 2.0 environment for HTTP & HTTPs while helping control outbound web access and protects users against web-based threats.


Major Benefits of Unified URL Filtering Solution:

Features of Unified URL Filtering Solution:

  • Configurable IP/Port Control
  • Real time monitoring
  • HTTP(S) URL Filtering
  • Out-of-Band Deployment
  • P2P Traffic management and Control
  • HTTP and HTTPS categorized based filtering
  • 3rd party URL DB integration
  • Local URL DB for dynamic content filtering
  • Integrated policy control and management
  • Various historical reports
  • White listing and bypass
  • Centralized Management and monitoring using TS-Plus Manager
  • >30 Gbps Upload Traffic Throughput
  • Asymmetric Traffic Control
  • L7 DPI Engine Algorithms
  • Reporting and Visibility